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 Self Sufficency Without Electricity
Hand Water Pumps
• Pumps up to 5GPM to depths of 300 ft.
• Reliable Back-up with your existing well pump that
feeds water to your home in power outages...
• Can be converted into a motorized pump with our
DC motor powered by solar and/or batteries.
• Residential, commercial & industrial use.
• Gain sustainability with this super strong, adaptable, tamper-resistant hand pump... LEARN MORE
Affordable Hand Water Pumps
Durable Stainless Steel
5 Year Part Guarantee
Up to 2200 gal/day
50 Year Useful Life

See What Customers Say About Us . . .
I just wanted to let you know that I'm Very Happy about how my order of twenty cases was completed with no problems. Your company came through with flying colors! Thank you. I have done a lot of price shopping for Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods, and your case lot prices, with the 20% discount you offered at that time, were among the best. I hope you will be able to continue offering the discount and the FREE Shipping, because I want to order More from you. Also, your customer service is Outstanding, and your company is a pleasure to do business with.
-- C. A., Idaho Falls, ID                                  Click Here to See What Other Customers Say

• Full variety of #10 Cans & Pouches by the case.
• Food Packages to last 6 Months up to 4 Years.
• Up to a 25 Year Shelf Life
• No Cooking involved. Just Add Water. That's it. Enjoy the Tastiest Entrees.

Choose: Food Packages &nbsp &nbsp #10 Cans &nbsp &nbsp Pouches

• Huge Variety of #10 Cans & Mixed Variety Cases.
• Tastiest Long-Term Food Storage Around.
• Up to 15-Year Shelf Life. Easiest to Prepare. Just Add Hot Water
• Bean, Grain, Cheese, Breakfast & Entrees Choices are Extensive.

Choose: Food Packages &nbsp &nbsp #10 Cans &nbsp &nbsp Pouches

• Extensive Selection of #10 Cans & Dehydrated Cans.
• Well Prepared Food Packages to Sustain you 1-2 Years.
• Up to 20-25 Year Shelf Life.
• Easy to Prepare w/ Hot Water.
• Fresh, New Fruits, Grains, Vegetables, Meats & More....

Food Packages &nbsp &nbsp #10 Cans &nbsp &nbsp Dehydrated &nbsp &nbsp MRE's

• Filters Last up to 2 Years
• Gravity Flow Design & Uses No Electricity
• Filters out Chlorine, Fluoride, Bacteria, Parasites & 95% Heavy Metals & Nitrates.
• Tested by State & EPA Labs
• Produces the healthiest, cleanest, most delicious water.
• Ultra Pure Drinking Water Home, Travel & Outdoors

• DELUXE Heavy Duty Dehydrator - 9 trays with 15 Sq. Ft. Drying Area.
• Adjustable Thermostat - 85 to 145 degrees.
• Uses only 600 watts.
• Built-in on/off switch.
• Drying Made Easy & Fun.

• High-Quality Home, Above and Below Ground Designs.
• 275 Gallon Tank Fits through all Standard 29" Doorways.
• Impact Resistant, Rugged Seamless Water Storage Tanks.
• Hold from 275 up to 2500 Gallons of Water.

• Finest Heirloom, Organic Seeds on the market.
• Complete Garden Can has ALL major Healthy, Organic Vegetables & Herbs.
• Each packet is carefully packed for Long-Lasting Storage.
• Refrigerated/Cooled Seeds should last 10-15 years.

• Has air-tight seal with lid, enabling the contents to ferment without risk of contamination.
• Unique design eliminates need to clean away slimy scum after fermenting.
• Made from beautifully crafted German stoneware.
• Comes complete with pot, lid, weighing stones and instructions.

• Perfect for Hearing Emergency Broadcasts during any Crisis.
• Multi-purpose High-Quality Radios make EXCELLENT Gifts.
• Can Charge Cell Phone or MP3 Player w/ Solar or Hand Crank.
• Can use Back-up Batteries or AC.

• BEST Quality Hand Powered Grain Mill with Steel Grinding Plates.
• Can Grind Virtually all Dry Grains (wheat, beans, etc).
• Large Hopper holds approx. 2 lbs. of grain (5 cups).
• Excellent Design and Craftsmanship.

Call Toll-Free: 888-589-WAVE(9283)

Have you ever thought about self sufficient living but didn't know where to start? Self sufficient living, also called, farm living, urban farming or homesteading, is essentially being sustainable and self-reliant: you provide your own food, water, and power by relying on outside sources as little as possible. EarthWave Living has many supplies to assist you with living sustainably. From providing a solar panel system for your home, to long term food storage, to storing and pumping your own water, to hand cranked solar radios, to kitchen appliances and products, to gardening products and seeds, to emergency preparedness medical first aid kits, nearly all aspects of self sufficient living can be found through our store.

Being able to feed yourself consistently is one concern many have about sustainable living. But, growing your own food isn't impossible and, in fact, presents itself as an affordable option. Find several products for growing your food, storing it, preserving it, drying it and freezing it through our store. We carry heirloom organic canned seeds, pressure cookers, canners, food dehydrators, fermenting crock pots and efficient appliances. Additionally, we offer the premium Mountain House, Provident Pantry and Alpine Aire foods through our store. Keep these dehydrated and freeze dried foods as long term food storage backup in your pantry or take them along for your next camping trip.

Another aspect of self sufficient living is providing a water source. Electric pumps are the most efficient option for retrieving water but, in case of a power outage, it is vital to have a hand water pump available. Our store carries the high quality Simple hand water pump for such a purpose. Water being the #1 most important item to store, we have high end portable storage water tanks and rain barrels for living in the city or country. Additionally, filtering out any bacteria or viruses is very important, and, before you drink, filter your water with a Berkey water filtration system.

Although such important additional supplies as hand cranked solar radios, hand-powered grain mills, pre-made portable Amish chicken coops, tumbling garden composters, medical first aid kits all contribute to sustainable living, one vital aspect of being self sufficient is providing your own power. Equip your home with a solar panel system to replace most if not all your electricity you would ordinarily obtain from the grid. Our store offers solar panels for homes, and RVs, off-the-grid appliances, and all of these solar panels can be mounted to various locations. We are here to assist you and look forward to helping you get more prepared for you and your family. Enjoy riding the wave to Self-Sufficient Living…

Chicken Coop 5 X 6
Chicken Coop 5 X 6
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Red Feather Butter
Red Feather Butter
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